Monday, August 20, 2012

All That You Wanted To Know About Tonsillitis Treatment

It is important to remember that tonsils remain as a vital part of the immune system of your body. In fact, these are considered as the natural defense mechanism of the body against various infections. This is done by effective filtering of bacteria and various other micro organisms that may cause infections. It is not that any throat pain is tonsillitis. Also, when toxins fail to get flushed out from the skin, kidneys, or bowels, even that can cause tonsillitis.

It usually occurs along with a cold, cough, fever, sore throat, headache, as well as body ache. Due to some kind of viral or bacterial infection, the tonsils can get inflamed, leading to a medical condition known as tonsillitis. It is important to know the underlying cause in order to get the appropriate treatment for any medical condition. This would include home treatments besides some kind of oral medications. In serious or long term cases, surgery may also be done. The home remedies are able to provide adequate comfort to these tonsils without any kind of unpleasant side effects.

The home remedies for tonsillitis treatment include gargling. In this case, salt water is used as it is able to kill some of the infection. Doing gargling will help in washing out the pus and other infectious matter in the throat. Besides warm salt water, two tsp of onion juice or mixing dried leaves of Mint along with lukewarm water can also be used for gargling. Another option is to boil some bark of the Acacia arabica in water and then gargle with this concoction once it cools in order to ease the tonsils pain. One more remedy is in the form of mixing fresh ginger juice with honey in lukewarm water and then using it for gargling.

Other home remedies for tonsillitis treatment include digging out the pulp of the bitter tumbi fruit. Next, this kernel of the fruit is to be filled with water and then kept aside for a few hours. Each day, a little of this water is to be drunk in order to cure tonsillitis. Using mustard powder soaked in hot water can also help to rinse your throat in order to flush out the germs.

There are many drinks that can be taken to provide relief from this condition. The juice of 1 lemon taken along with 4 tsp of honey and a pinch of salt in a glass of warm water can be sipped throughout the day in order to provide relief from the pain at the back of the throat. It will also help to make swallowing easy.

A good form of tonsillitis treatment is to give relief to your throat. This would entail talking less during inflammation. At this time, spicy foods and acid drinks need to be avoided as these will irritate the throat still further. Also, curd, fried foods and all kinds of sour things need to be avoided. During tonsillitis, proper hygiene needs to be maintained as this will ensure a faster recovery.

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